Main Misconceptions About Frankenstein

1-People use the name “Frankenstein” to refer to the creature instead of its creator.

Calling the creature Frankenstein is not just a little mistake because by doing so, it breaks the general idea of the novel. Indeed, the monster suffers from the fact that Victor did not give him a name. In order to reflect this idea, people should call the character the monster or the creature.

2-Many people think that Frankenstein’s creature is a non-speaking monster.

This is absolutely false because the way the monster learns to speak is a key part of the novel. The monster even tells, with words he learned on his own, its story to Victor. In my opinion, it is the best part of the novel since we get a sense of what life is like for him as an awful looking creature.

3- People often think that the monster was created with steam.

This misconception’s origin is quite mysterious. This idea is usually found in the movies.  It is possible that people who created the movies took their inspiration from the fact that , in the original work, Victor walks during a thunder, and then he sees the creature through a lightning. It could be the reason why, in the movies, the creature is often created during a stormy day. The truth is that Victor never used steam to create the creature.

A possible explication to these false ideas is probably that people’s perception of the creature has become shaped by the several movies that have been produced throughout multiple decades. It is essential to be aware of the original novel in order to understand that the creature is really more complex than people tend to believe.




By Noor.


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