Victor Frankenstein and the creature : one person?

When readers read Mary Shelley’s novel, they usually see Victor Frankenstein as the good man and the monster as an evil creature. In brief, they see them as two opposite characters. However, Victor and its creation share more similarities than it seems.

The first similarity is that the two of them are governed by their impulses. The monster reacts violently as a consequence to have been badly treated throughout his life. For Victor’s case, this is less apparent because he does not act violently. However, when he works on his purpose, which is to give life, he is clearly governed by his impulses in such a point that he forgets his family, the world around him but mainly the consequences of giving life.

The second similarity is that both of them use books to learn something. Victor reads to learn about sciences, and the monster reads to learn about humans.

The last similarity is that the creature, as well as Victor, allowed an important place to love and family. Victor loses his mind after the death of his family, and the creature does so when he realises that even is father will never accept him.

What is the point of enumerating those similarities? The point is that the creature is more than a remaining of Victor: he represents his bad side. Indeed, Victor has been obliged, throughout his whole life, to hide his passions in order to be socially accepted. The creature is driven by its passions and even kills because of this. In Victor’s case, when his passions prevail on his reason, he becomes willing to kill too. Therefore, he sees the resemblance within himself and his creature, but he is unwilling to accept it, which leads him to a mortal fight against the creature…or himself.


3 Replies to “Victor Frankenstein and the creature : one person?”

  1. That is a very good and well-presented analysis. I totally agree that Victor and the creature are quite similar to one another. You have explained the similarities so well that it even made me think of if Victor and the creature form one person!

    Great post and keep going!


  2. Woah!
    Great post.
    You’re totally right when you say that people reading it might see Victor and its creature as two very different characters.
    However, your analysis show clearly the ressemblance there is between those two.
    Great work.
    Philippe Boucher


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