Who is Robert Walton?

Robert Walton is one of the first characters that the readers are acquainted with in Shelley’s novel. He is the capitain of a ship that is trapped by the frozen water. Shelley’s novel starts with Walton writting various letters to his sister. Furthermore, Walton and his crew rescue Frankenstein, weak and tired from chasing his creature. Walton has similarities with Victor. Indeed, Victor seeked all his life as much knowledge as possible on old and new science to penetrate the secrets and powers of nature, and Walton travels with the desire to reach the North Pole, knowning it could be a suicide mission. Before he dies, Victor tells his story to Walton. Throughout Shelley’s novel, the readers learn that both men are explorers attached to their sisters. However, Walton also has similarities with Frankenstein’s monster. Walton and the monster are lonely and self-educated.

Victor’s story has an influence on Walton. At the beginning, Walton is a man fearless of the dangers of the North Pole and determined to finish his mission, but he decides to put an end to his mission after Victor’s death. Walton thought that he would come back from his journey ignorant and dispointed, but Victor’s story taught him not to try to go beyond his limits to make sure he does not make the same mistakes as Frankenstein.

Walton is also one of the few chracters of the novel to have an a long conversation with the monster.


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8 Replies to “Who is Robert Walton?”

  1. I enjoyed the fact that you decided to dedicate an entire blog post on this character, that most of us don’t give a lot of consideration. I think that it is interesting that you made links with his story and the stories of the other characters. This proves to the readers that Robert Walton has a bigger influence in the story that what we originally think.


  2. This is a great analysis of Walton! In fact, we tend to forget about this character, but he is still very important to the development of the story. I liked the fact that his letters open and close the story. He is also the one who took care of Victor when he got sick, which illustrates how important this character is. Thank you for this great post and keep up with the good work!

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  3. The first time a person reads the book, the letters are very confusing. Robert Walton is puzzling since we do not really know who he is.

    I liked that you dedicated an article to him! Makes it easier for first time readers to understand!


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