Questions to Interact

Today’s post is all about interacting with the future viewers of the movie, therefore we are asking you to participate to these questions by answering in the comment box!

Here are a few key questions regarding the book.

1- Was Frankenstein’s creature’s request for a companion justified? Please explain your answer.
2- How does Shelley’s book fit the characteristics of a gothic novel?
3- How do the letters of Robert Walton influence the story? Do they really?
4- Is the fictional science presented in the story too fabricated? Please justify.

We hope you will actively participate by answering those questions since they all actively contribute to Shelley’s work.

Personally, to answer the last question, I would say that the creation of the creature done with Victor’s science adds even more human emotion to the story than if it would have been done using a machine for example. It is not too fabricated in the sense that some day, science will probably be as advanced and the first human created from scratch will most likely not be the winner of a beauty pageant. In the same sense, this is a science fiction novel and the reader should be expecting an unusual use of science.

Tell us what you think!


2 Replies to “Questions to Interact”

  1. The science is not too fictional since some human cells are cloned today.

    I also believe that the request for a companion was justified, but it represented a danger since it was impossible to know how this female version of the creature would turn out.


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