Who is your favorite character?


Tell us who is your favorite character in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

However, it must not be Victor Frankenstein or the monster.

All you have to do is comment this post and tell us the reason why the character you choose is your favorite. Be original!

Who knows maybe a small prize will be given? 😉

Who is your favorite character?

  1. Robert Walton
  2. Alphonse Frankenstein
  3. Caroline Beaufort
  4. Elizabeth Lavenza
  5. Henry Clerval
  6. Justine Moritz
  7. M.Waldman
  8. Safie
  9. Felix
  10. The Lacey
  11. Aghata
  12. William Frankenstein
  13. Other



10 Replies to “Who is your favorite character?”

  1. My favorite character is Elizabeth. I find that she brings light within the pages of the novel by Mary Shelley. Thus, be her kindness towards Victor and his family, Justine and Henry. She demonstrate compassion, fear, understanding and wishes the best for each individual in the novel. I find that her character represents the good aspect of humanity.


    1. It is very interesting! I thought Elizabeth was boring… I think she is not very present in the novel… Or maybe not enough? But when I watch some adaptations of the novel (yes I know some of them are very different from the original novel) I always have the impression her role and the importance of her character is more present.


  2. My personal favorite character is William Frankenstein.
    He is the death for which I felt the saddest.
    Of course, he did not deserve to die, but it is all Victor’s fault according to me.
    I found it sad that he died without actually be old enough to enjoy life.
    Philippe Boucher

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  3. My favorite character would be Elizabeth. She is a character who can really help us understand the true nature of Victor. He has known her since he was a young boy and has said that he is madly in love with her. But sometimes it seems like this has never been farther from the truth. He does not talk to her for years while he is at University and because of this Elizabeth even sends him a letter asking if he is in love with another woman.
    When they get married we can see the loss of care that Victor actually has for her. Yes, he says that he is madly in love with her. But he pretty much is the cause of her death, how can this be if he was really in love with her?
    I find her to be very important to the development of the story and Victor as a character.
    Great post idea, good job!


  4. My favorite character is Robert Walton because he is a very determined character. I also really like this character because we can really see his evolution throughout the novel. At the beginning of the novel he would rather die than fail in achieving his goal. However, at the end he sees how obsessed Victor was about achieving his goal and what his obsession did to him. Thus, he knows that he does not want to be like Victor.


  5. My favorite character is without a doubt the creature. i think it really represents both sides of a person: cruelty and softness. By soft, I mean that the creature, when telling her story about the cottage family, is sweet and nice and it is possible to see its true passion for human beings and its desire to be like them, which encourages the reader to pity it. On the other hand, he is very cruel when he kills all those people.


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