Debate on the Creature’s Humanity

In the novel, Frankenstein’s creature is not considered as a human being at all. However, I hope that you see its “human” characteristics by the way it acts and through the feelings that it expresses throughout the story. One of these characteristics is its desire for revenge because of the way it has been treated by humans.


This is my question: How do you perceive the fact that the monster kills the people that Victor likes to achieve revenge? Is it Victor’s fault because he did not show any love to his creation? Is the monster really a monster?


I believe that this part of the novel is the one that demonstrates the most the humanity of the creature because when a young human is deeply mistreated, he/she tends to react negatively just like we can see with the criminals’ case. It is quite obvious that the creature “is born” good because, for example, it gathers crops for a family living in a cottage. Unfortunately, they respond badly to its appearance and reject it. Because of all the times it gets rejected, it turns to evil. However,every human has a bad and a good side…


This is just a quick opinion, but I let you continue the debate!


2 Replies to “Debate on the Creature’s Humanity”

  1. Hi!

    I believe that the creature has more humanity than Victor does because he knows that what Victor did was wrong, while Victor does not care about it. In fact, he created him on purpose but abandoned him and let him live in the society without prior knowledge about how to act (he did not know how to communicate). Because the creature is ugly, it is rejected over and over, which contributes to the growth of his desire for vengeance. Thus, the creature seems cruel when we analyze the surface of his actions but when we go deeper into the reason why he acted this way, we realize that it is not totally his fault.



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