Study Tips

You have a test on Frankenstein? I have one too, so let me share with you some tips that can be useful for everyone!


1- Summarize what happened in each chapter  .

2- Make a list of all the characters ( you can find this list there…/who-is-your-favorite-character)and verify if you know them well.

3-  Be aware of the context of the story.

4- Try to remember things that the teacher repeated often in class because the translation of this means : this will be on the test!

5- Keep your stress at home : do not show to the teachers that you are afraid of their little tests 😉

Thank you for reading and I wish you ( and me)  good grades!


4 Replies to “Study Tips”

  1. Hi Rouky32!

    Thank you for those great tips! I love them, especially number 5! I believe it is important to take good notes while reading and to highlight important passages in your book. It is then easier to study the book because you only need to read your notes and you automatically remember the rest of the story.



  2. Hi! I used this study tips to study for my exam and get myself ready, so thank you! Definitely will be holding on to tips number 2 and 3 when reading my next novel, just to get a better understanding.

    very helpful!

    Laura P.


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