Pop Quiz

Good evening everyone!

I wrote a quiz to test your knowledge about Frankenstein! You can just comment your answers and the right answers will be published in three days. I hope you enjoy this test and that it refreshes your mind a bit on the plot of Frankenstein.

1- Who was accused of the murder of Henry Clerval?

a) Frankenstein’s monster

b) Elizabeth

c) Victor

d) Justine

2- How does Caroline die?

a) She commits suicide.

b) She catches scarlet fever.

c) She is killed by Victor’s father.

d) Elizabeth strangles her.

3- Who are the monster’s two first victims?

a) William and Victor’s father

b) William and Elizabeth

c) William and Henry

d) William and Justine

4- Who said “We are unfashioned creatures, but half made up, if one wiser, better, dearer than ourselves — such a friend ought to be — do not lend his aid to perfectionate our weak and faulty natures.”?

a) Victor

b) Robert

c) One of Victor’s teacher

d) The monster

5- How do Victor and Henry learn about William Frankenstein’s death?

a) Their father meets them to tell them.

b) They receive a letter.

c) The monster tells them.

d) They receive a telegram.


I hope this helps you out in remembering key elements of the book that can prepare you to notice if there are any differences with the movie coming out soon!


The answers can be found here.



4 Replies to “Pop Quiz”

  1. Even though there is not a lot of questions, I have to say that the questions that you chose are very useful to help us remember some key elements of the novel. They are simple but efficient enough to maintain our memory and knowledge about the novel.

    I am looking forward to see what you have in store for us in your future posts.
    Good job!


    1. Hi Olivier! Thank you for taking interest to our blog. The answers of this short quiz are now published under the section Quiz&Questions. Make sure to check it out!


  2. Very interesting questions that are quite challenging! I believe a continuation of this quiz would be great. I am a big Frankenstein fan and I read it many times, but I do forget some key elements of the book sometimes… Thank you for reminding me!


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