Welcome on http://www.frankensteinslc.wordpress.com. Throughout the next few weeks, many articles will be posted to keep you informed and aware of what is coming. Indeed, SLC (The Studio for Late Cinema) will be releasing a movie adaptation of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. We believe that in order to prepare you for the movie of the year, you should know a few things about this famous book and its story.

To make sure we keep you interested until the movie comes out, we would like to get your ideas and commentaries on what should be posted, what you would like to know and what intellectually stimulates you on our blog. Make sure to leave comments or contact us at slc.frankenstein@gmail.com. Also, many contests and activities will be posted so stay tuned!

We hope you appreciate our blog as much as we like sharing our content with you guys.

Enjoy your visit!

The blog committee